Assisted Sheltered Care at Greenfield

Assisted Sheltered Care
>Assisted Sheltered Care Layout at Greenfield

Our Sheltered Care services are licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health's Long-Term Care division. This level of service provides 24 hour licensed nurses, nurse aides, specialty diets, individually programmed activities, laundry, linens and housekeeping. Our Services page highlights the service offerings for both sheltered care and independent apartments.

Sheltered Care services are catered to the individual's needs in order to encourage and support the highest level of independence and mobility. For example, our rooms have showers or bathtubs where residents bath independently or with stand-by assistance, and we provide assisted bathing in our whirlpool bather.

Likewise, our daily group exercise programs are provided in a manner that allows each resident to participate to their individual capacity. A personal trainer is available to work one-on-one, building strength to meet individual flexibility and mobility goals.

While licensing for long-term care providers is normally done each year, our ongoing record for fully compliant surveys and lack of any incidents requiring state intervention allows us into an elite group of facilities which are given two-year licenses. A copy of our license and recent survey results are available here. (License & survey results.)

In Greenfield's Sheltered Care, you will enjoy the comforts of home and the security of community. Please contact us for more information or to set up a tour of Greenfield, followed by a complimentary noon meal.

Assisted Sheltered Care Layout at GreenfieldAssisted Sheltered Care Layout at GreenfieldAssisted Sheltered Care Layout at GreenfieldAssisted Sheltered Care Layout at Greenfield