Common Areas at Greenfield:

Care is taken at Greenfield to provide common areas where residents and family can relax and feel at home. Our goal is to make these spaces comfortable and accessible so they are a natural extension of the private rooms and apartments. Since many residents are moving to us from a larger home, transitioning to less personal space is eased with inviting common areas for relaxation, visiting and entertaining. A chat with a friend by the aviary, a game of Wii on the large screen TV with the great-grandchildren, selecting a book from our large-print library, or checking e-mail in our Internet lounge are all options at Greenfield!

Dining & Recreation Areas

Dining Room at Greenfield

We take pride in our dining room and personal service. With "family style" dining, residents are never asked to carry a tray or have one placed in front of them. Bowls of vegetables and platters of meat are passed around the table, much the same as our residents remember from family meals. Natural table conversation is initiated as residents offer and request dishes to be passed. You can expect to hear a reminder: "save room for the home-made desert."

With an array of colorful linen table cloths and napkins, the look of our dining room changes each day. Recipes from residents and staff are used to bring that home cooked flavor to special "theme" meals and the regular menu.

Like our dining room experience, our recreation areas serve not only for their designated function, but also for socialization and entertaining guests and family members. It is common to see a jig-saw puzzle in process, a Wii game being played, or a small group playing their favorite card game. Contingent activity areas quickly convert to dining for our many special occasions, seating over 200 at family buffets!

Outside Patio

Outside Patio Area at Greenfield

When we added our Independent Living Apartments, an enclosed courtyard was created. A flowering landscape, waterfall, shaded pergola and seating, maximizes the enjoyment of those using this space. During the warmer months we regularly schedule activities in this space, and leave doors unlocked for resident access when ever they are inclined to enjoy the great outdoors.

Having inviting spaces outside our building is also facilitated with a sidewalk aroundthree 3/4 of our exterior - providing a firm surface for outdoor exercise. Seating is available at regular intervals for visiting and resting along the way.

Other Common Areas Around Greenfield

Greenfield also has numerous smaller lounges and seating areas. Residents can enjoy watching the birds in our aviary area, picking out a book from our library catering to large-print editions, or "checking the weather" as they wait for a ride in one of our front lobbies. Getting together to watch a favorite game show or sporting event can be accommodated at any of our 4 televisions provided throughout the building. Free wireless internet is also available in selected lounge areas.

Other Common Areas Around GreenfieldOther Common Areas Around GreenfieldOther Common Areas Around GreenfieldOther Common Areas Around Greenfield