Greenfield Staff

Phillip Kaufmann, MBA, LNHA, Administrator

Phil started working at Greenfield in 2001 after 20 years at another residential facility where he worked in direct care, facilities maintenance/management, and administration. He has a Masters' Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Health Care Management and is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.

"I appreciate the sense of community that permeates Greenfield, enveloping staff, residents, families and guests."

"As a musician, I always keep some instruments at work, filling in for the occasional outside entertainer who can not make their visit to Greenfield. Chris even schedules me on occasion. After a musical sharing at an event, one resident, despite her challenges with mobility, slowly stood to her feet. She announce to the group: 'Where I'm from we would stand to applaud a fine performance like that' and led the residents in an ovation. The thanks expressed by our residents after I share is always a blessing, but what I receive each day from the incidental interaction in the halls and in group settings, far out weighs what I can give back."

Mary Grieff, RN, Director of Nursing

Mary started working in the health care field in 1979, and started working at Greenfield in 1984 as a registered nurse. She became Director if Nursing in 2001, after several years as Assistant Director of Nursing.

"I really enjoy working at Greenfield because I have a chance to assist the residents in remaining as healthy and independent as possible. Our staff is able to spend quality time with each resident bringing comfort and pleasure to their lives. I also like the good communication between residents, staff and family members."

"Whenever one of our residents is required to spend time in the hospital, they usually remark that they can't wait to get back 'home' to Greenfield. The staff at Perry Memorial have mentioned to me that most of the residents from other facilities like the attention and change of a hospital stay, but Greenfield residents want to get back 'home' as soon as possible to their friends and familiar routine that they enjoy."

Lola Glafka, Administrative Assistance

Lola started work at Greenfield in 1983, coming with experience in areas of banking and customer service/retail. Initially working in the kitchen and then moving into the administration office, she has a worked in different departments meeting resident needs. She is our employee with the most seniority!

"I like the relaxed atmosphere & flexibility of working time, allowing for interaction with the residents and their families. Being able to visit with the residents and listen to their stories and experiences, hoping to make a difference in their lives."

"I enjoy the opportunity to go on outings with the residents and helping out with the family buffets at least twice a year. These events, in spring and at Christmas time, give us the opportunity to get to know residents and their families better."

Christine Thompson, BA, AD, Activity Director

Chris came to Greenfield in 2005 after directing the activities at another long-term care facility. With experience in the public and school library settings, she is nearing completion of a Master's Degree in Writing. She is our Certified Laughter Leader.

"What I like about working at Greenfield is that each day is full of new adventures, laughter, and sharing time with friends."

"A favorite activity is reminiscing about a specific top with the residents. One time we shared funny experiences in our first dates. One former resident told us that on her first date she went on the Ferris wheel with her beau and when the ride was over she felt her face and her fake eyelashes had fallen off and stuck to her cheeks. I asked if her date noticed them. She said that she had realized it before he had a chance to notice and took them off just in time."

Shelly Davis, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing

Shelly began her nursing career in 1992 and started working at Greenfield in 1998 as an RN. She accepted the Assistant DON position in 2001 and is one of our CPR instructors.

"I like the close relationships staff develop with residents and families. That makes me feel I am making a difference in their lives."

"Upon a resident's return from an out of state visit to a family, he gave me a hug and said he missed me. Very rewarding."

Joel Nelson, Maintenance Supervisor

Joel started working in the installation & maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems in 1974, completing numerous training programs to build his expertise. In 1986 he transitioned to maintenance of residential campuses. His commitment to resident care is exemplified by becoming certified in Food Safety Sanitation to gain awareness in working around licensed kitchens. After being on the Greenfield Board of Trustees for over 10 years he started working at Greenfield in 2005.

"I like working for a family oriented employer which provides job flexibility. Greenfield has a long history as a stable employer and care provider. I enjoy the opportunity to hear the resident's stories."

"It has been very gratifying to have a resident and/or family member thank me for doing something that I may consider a routine part of my job!"

Pam Kaufmann, BA, Social Services Designee

Pam started working at Greenfield in 2005, with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. She came with experience in long-term care, in-home services and dental office assistance. She completed a Certificate in Gerontology in preparing for work at Greenfield.

"I enjoy the residents and co-workers. Greenfield is a great place to work."

"One thing I enjoy is reading out loud to the residents most Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am. We've read some fiction books, but mostly non-fiction. Following the reading there is often a discussion that springs from what we have read. I enjoy hearing stories from residents' life experiences."

Beth Culjan, Food Services Director

Beth started working at Greenfield in the housekeeping department in 1985. She transitioned to the dietary staff in 1992, completing a 1-year degree certificate as a Dietetic Assistant. Along with all of our kitchen staff, she maintains a Food Service Sanitation License.

"There are a lot of positive things working at Greenfield. I would say that the way our dietary staff works together as a team is one thing I like. We are not only co-workers, but best friends. We help each other out and make sure we always have a positive attitude toward our job and our residents."

"Recently we went on a boat trip to Oregon with our residents. There was a banjo player and some of our residents wanted to dance (which I don't usually do in front of people). I asked one of our residents to dance. He was so grateful for that and really appreciated me asking him. He said it really made his day! We are here for our residents and we try and please them. It is always a joy to feel that we did our job and that they appreciate it."